Meet the Next Step Webs Family

HOA Express
Build innovative, interactive, and outstanding neighborhood and HOA websites.

Sleeker App Studios
Stunning app development for iOS and Android. Creators of the exciting game Word Slide.

SnapLauncher provides a ridiculously user friendly interface for building websites.
About Us
Next Step Webs, Inc. is a holding company producing outstanding software development subsidiaries. We began in 2009 as a premiere website development company based in Houston, TX, creating incredible websites for a vast array of businesses, service contractors, doctors, and more. We soon grew into a thriving website design and internet software development company, doing business across the nation. With the launch of our first subsidiary company, HOA Express, we began turning our focus toward subsidiary companies specialized in specific areas. We have since launched Sleeker App Studios, an app development company, and SnapLauncher, a website building platform.
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